WDA tongue and cheek…and teeth,too!
To the residents of Lake Mills and surrounding communities:  
The copy placed under the Lakeside Homecoming Team, printed in this week’s Lake Mills Leader dated 9/29, was a misprint concerning the L-Cats and a message to see them lose at Lakeside’s Homecoming.
All of the businesses in this community most certainly support the athletic endeavors of all Lake Mills schools but not at the cost of the others.  
This type of copy has been run before but this is the first time the opponent in Lakeside’s Homecoming has been the L-Cats since the inception of the salute format. With the businesses approval of supporting the teams, we at the Leader took the liberty of simply changing out the opposing team name and mistakenly did not send the copy on for approval to the businesses.
There has never been an issue until this year.  Even the year when the L-Cat’s Homecoming page in 2011 support ads read “Beat the Warriors”.
We at the Leader and Hometown News LP apologize for any ill feelings this has caused anyone in the community.
Please reconsider your dark position on all of these businesses that support the L-Cats in many, many ways both professionally and personally. 
Joyce Yanko
Marketing Consultant
Lake Mills Leader
Missy Feiler
Marketing Manager
Hometown News LP

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